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Atlas Space | Satellite Communications | Traverse City, MI

ATLAS Space Operations, Inc. is global network of commercially available satellite communications ground stations with a proprietary data management platform, ATLAS Freedom, and a scalable proprietary satellite ground station technology, called ATLAS LINKS. ATLAS Freedom bridges the gap between the space data collector and the space data consumer. ATLAS LINKS is a revolutionary antenna technology system for communicating with satellites that is one-fifth the cost and has 4x the revenue potential of the traditional options. To date, ATLAS has closed $5M in contracts, the largest with the US Government. ATLAS in the process of creating a global ground-based antenna network and positioning to become the leader in satellite communication services. ATLAS’s founding team have spent the majority of their careers in the space and satellite field. Their professional network and experience in satellite operations give ATLAS a unique edge and credibility within their customer base.

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Intensity Therapeutics, Inc - Class B, Open for Investment | Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology | Westport, CT

What if you could inject a significantly smaller dose of toxic chemotherapy directly into a malignant tumor site and stop its growth? The potential benefits range from greatly reduced drug side effects, to a complete remission of the disease, to an inoculation against future cancer growth. For Intensity Therapeutics, these results have already been shown in mice, and the company is now conducting human clinical trials at some of the leading cancer hospitals in the country.

Intensity Therapeutics, Inc. is a biotechnology company whose mission is to greatly extend the lives of patients with solid tumor cancers with its pioneering new immunotherapy approach to treat cancer called in situ vaccination.

The company has made significant progress since our last investment, including receiving approval from the FDA to test its product in humans and receiving numerous issued patents. The safety data in humans thus far has been good, and the company has received approval to test its product in deep body tumors. In the next twelve months, the company expects to add additional subjects and hospital sites for its trials, thereby allowing it to also test various dose frequencies and volume.

simMachines, Inc - Class B, Open for Investment | Software as a Service – Machine Learning | Chicago, IL

Most people have probably heard of Machine Learning (“ML”), and know that it is capable of making predictions based on large amounts of data. What ML companies such as IBM Watson have been unable to do, however, is tell the user the underlying causes for the prediction. It’s one thing to predict that a certain percentage of customers will not renew their auto insurance policy, it’s another to know why they will not renew. simMachines solves this problem, as it is able to make such a “Prediction with the Why.”

simMachines is a ML company focused on the credit card (fraud prevention) and marketing (increased effectiveness) industries, as there is an enormous need for such a product in these industries. Marketers currently spend a large amount of time developing marketing campaigns and models employing statistical modeling techniques using large amounts of static data. With simMachines, they will be able to develop dynamic and more accurate market segments, and receive predictions in seconds, resulting in more precise campaigns at a lower cost. In the credit card fraud prevention market, simMachines’ product has proven to be much faster than current products, allowing companies to make much faster decisions regarding the creditworthiness of potential customers.

The Company’s founder and Chief Technology Officer is a widely recognized data scientist and leader in the development of Machine Learning. The Company currently has a number of major organizations as customers and has a robust sales pipeline.

VCapital Management Co., LLC | Financial Services | Chicago, IL

What if the hottest venture capital deals were online, for everyone to see? If investing in highly promising businesses were not a function of who you know, but available for anyone who has the resources? VCapital is changing venture investing for the better, making more funds available in the $500k-$5 million range to promising companies with sound plans and solid management teams.

Now you have the opportunity to invest in VCapital itself. This web-based platform facilitates 24/7 access for discerning investors to learn about high-quality venture capital investment opportunities, and makes investing in these opportunities more convenient and cost efficient.

Investors in VCapital Management Co., LLC will share in the proceeds of any successful portfolio company exit transactions as well as the firm’s potential exit at a substantial value. There are an estimated 10 million accredited investors in the US, yet only about 5% have ever invested in venture capital deals to date. That is about to change.

Xaptum, Inc. | Network Communications | Chicago, IL

The internet was not designed to handle the complexity of connecting the Internet of Things. Each company creating a connected IoT device must address major security, connectivity, bandwidth, scalability, and data rights management issues. The creation and management of this infrastructure is both complex and time intensive. Additionally, the internet lacks the ability to allow for a quick change between the routing of the source (an IoT device) and destination (the computing host). According to Forbes, in 2018 there will be significantly more IoT sensors and devices than cell phones. The IoT communication market is projected to reach $20 billion per year, and analysts predict there will be a $6 billion market for infrastructure and services for software markets in this space.

Xaptum Edge Networking Fabric offers companies a secure, private network as a service. This private network simplifies the orchestration of secure and efficient date exchange between IoT devices and their related backend cloud applications. Xaptum is getting the IoT off the internet and bringing it to Xaptum, whose goal is to create “The Secure Private Internet of Things.”