Current Opportunities

Camras Vision, Inc. | Medical Device | Research Park Triangle, NC

Glaucoma is a leading cause of irreversible blindness, affecting an estimated 67 million people worldwide. Current methods for treating this disease are drug therapies, with a failure rate of up to 35%, and surgery, with complication rates of 20%-40%. The main reason for these potential negative outcomes is that neither of the two existing methods can achieve a personalized pressure in the eye to prevent vision loss for each patient. The Camras Shunt will provide ophthalmologists with the only treatment that predictably controls pressure to prevent blindness. In addition, the implantation of the device is simple, minimally invasive, and reduces the surgical time by approximately 50% when compared to other shunt procedures.

The market for treating glaucoma is large and growing. While the company’s addressable market in the U.S. is any glaucoma patient that is seeking treatment, it will initially focus on patients where drug therapy has failed to control eye pressure. It is estimated that by 2020, the overall surgical market in the U.S. will be 336,000 individuals undergoing 672,000 procedures, for a market potential of $604 million. The glaucoma patient population is expected to grow by 36% in the next decade. In the last ten years, the use of shunts has increased at an annual rate of 8.8%. With the Camras Shunt’s unique capabilities, Camras Vision is well positioned to take advantage of this trend.

Camras Vision has a strong management team supported by a very experienced team of scientific and business advisors. The CEO was previously the COO at Summit Technology, the first company to bring PRK/LASIK to market, and has worked in numerous startups and has led the sale of two different companies to strategic partners.

Synap | Software as a Service – CRM | Chicago, IL

In many companies, 80% of the lifetime revenue from a customer comes after the initial sale. Yet traditional Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) products have focused only on finding, closing, and supporting clients. One category that has not been addressed by the existing CRM providers is managing and growing the customer (“Account Management”). Synap fills the void in this $5 billion market with an easy to deploy Software as a Service (“SaaS”) solution.

Currently, the account management function in most businesses is performed using spreadsheets and Word documents. Synap’s software replaces this manual/cumbersome process with an easy to deploy product requiring little technical support. The software instantly connects to each user’s email account, creating a complete contact and company database. Synap also integrates with any existing CRM software an organization may be running (e.g. Salesforce), resulting in a seamless installation process. Once installed, users can immediately begin creating custom views of their customers, build account plans, and track upsell opportunities. Synap accumulates every major touchpoint a customer has with an organization, providing account managers and others in the company the tools they need to manage and grow their customer relationships.

The CEO of Synap most recently built a SaaS company which provided solutions for the CRM and portfolio management functions for the alternative asset management industry, growing this business to annual revenues of $30 million.Synap received early funding from a number of well - known Midwest based VC firms, and was referred to VCapital by Chris Gladwin, the CEO of VCapital portfolio company Cleversafe, which was sold to IBM for $1.3 billion.Synap has an extensive and sophisticated marketing program in place, and expects to quickly ramp up revenue in 2017 as businesses come to realize the value and ease of use of the software.

VCapital Management Co., LLC | Financial Services | Chicago, IL

What if the hottest venture capital deals were online, for everyone to see? If investing in highly promising businesses were not a function of who you know, but available for anyone who has the resources? VCapital is changing venture investing for the better, making more funds available in the $500k-$5 million range to promising companies with sound plans and solid management teams.

Now you have the opportunity to invest in VCapital itself. This web-based platform facilitates 24/7 access for discerning investors to learn about high-quality venture capital investment opportunities, and makes investing in these opportunities more convenient and cost efficient.

Investors in VCapital Management Co., LLC will share in the proceeds of any successful portfolio company exit transactions as well as the firm’s potential exit at a substantial value. There are an estimated 8 million accredited investors in the US, yet only about 5% have ever invested in venture capital deals to date. That is about to change.