Most people have probably heard of Machine Learning (“ML”), and know that it is capable of making predictions based on large amounts of data. What ML companies such as IBM Watson have been unable to do, however, is tell the user the underlying causes for the prediction. It’s one thing to predict that a certain percentage of customers will not renew their auto insurance policy, it’s another to know why they will not renew. simMachines solves this problem, as it is able to make such a “Prediction with the Why.”

simMachines is a ML company focused on the credit card (fraud prevention) and marketing (increased effectiveness) industries, as there is an enormous need for such a product in these industries. Marketers currently spend a large amount of time developing marketing campaigns and models employing statistical modeling techniques using large amounts of static data. With simMachines, they will be able to develop dynamic and more accurate market segments, and receive predictions in seconds, resulting in more precise campaigns at a lower cost. In the credit card fraud prevention market, simMachines’ product has proven to be much faster than current products, allowing companies to make much faster decisions regarding the creditworthiness of potential customers.

The Company’s founder and Chief Technology Officer is a widely recognized data scientist and leader in the development of Machine Learning. The Company currently has a number of major organizations as customers and has a robust sales pipeline.


Lew Bender Intensity Therapeutics

Robert Zieserl

CEO and Director

Robert is a serial entrepreneur and venture investor with over thirty years of experience growing and managing data analysis driven technology companies focused on transforming large markets.Prior to joining simMachines, Robert was Chairman and CEO of Vital Sensors, which was sold to Endotronix, Inc.Robert has served on multiple technology company Boards, and is very active in the entrepreneurial community in the Midwest. Robert received his MS from the Loyola University Quinlan School of Business.

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Lew Bender Intensity Therapeutics

Arnoldo Muller, PhD

Founder, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Data Scientist and Director

Arnoldo is a widely-recognized infrastructure data scientist and leader in the development of Machine Learning with a focus on similarity - based methods.His pioneering work has ledto numerous awards including MIT Technology Review Technology TR35 Innovators Under 35, and 40 Under 40 Financiero CR for Entrepreneurs and Scientists.Arnoldo received a PhD in Pattern Recognition and Similarity Search at the Kyutech Institute of Technology in Japan and was a Computational Biology Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine in Germany.

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Lew Bender Intensity Therapeutics

Adarsh Arora, PhD


Adarsh has created, managed and nurtured four successful start-ups; Athena Security, Lisle Technology Partners, Peritus Software Services, and Vista Technologies.Adarsh is the Coleman Entrepreneur Professor -in-Residence at the Illinois Institute of Technology School of Applied Technology.He is active in the entrepreneurial community and has served on various civic Boards.Adarsh obtained his PhD in computer Science from Northwestern University.

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Lew Bender Intensity Therapeutics

Abel Aronovitz

Direct Sales and Business Development

Abel has an extensive background growing both start-up and established businesses in alternative investments and capital markets, working with corporate, institutional, and individual partners and customers.Using his analytic, business development and sales experience he is responsible for managing the corporate and direct sales functions.Prior to joining simMachines Abel was Executive Director of V2 Capital, Principal at FO Partners, Director Institutional Sales at One Chicago, and Vice President at ABN Amro.Abel received his BA from the University of Pennsylvania

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Lew Bender Intensity Therapeutics

Robert Early

Corporate Development

Robert has over twenty-five years of experience in executive leadership positions with leading firms and has done partnership deals with senior leadership in many of the target partner companies.Prior to joining simMachines, Robert was Executive Chairman of the Allant Group where he managed the sale of the Allant Group TV Business to Acxiom and the sale of the company to private equity investors.He was Executive Vice President of May and Spey where he led their IPO and acquisition by Acxiom.Earlier in his career he was a Partner with Grant Thornton.Robert has an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

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